All About Weave-its


All About Weave-its

 I first became aware of Weave-its when I was a little girl watching my Gramma make these little squares and turn them into beautiful afghans.  She made me one of my very own and I still have it to this day.

There are 304 squares in this one.
I can't even guess how many she made over the years.

One day I asked her if she would show me how to make the squares.
That day I learned how to make Weave-it squares and have been 
making them ever since.

The regular size afghan has 304 squares in it.
I make baby blankets that have 126 squares 
and the new born blankets I make have 70.
Used to keep track of how many I've made but have lost count.

The squares are made on a 4 inch square Weave-it loom.
Yarn is put on the loom back and forth three times with enough yarn left to weave a fourth layer back and forth with a long needle.

The looms my Gramma used were wooden ones made by my Grandpa.
When my Gramma taught me how to make the weave-its she also gave me one of the looms Grandpa made and I used it for many years.

What patience he had to make them.  He nailed all those little nails in the wood and then took all the heads off the nails.

One day Ken and I were looking around in an antique shop years ago and he spotted two weave-it looms.  We bought both of them and I have been using them since then. They are plastic. There was also a small blue 1 inch square loom and we bought that one too.

These instructions came with the looms.

Weaving back and forth (upper left). Done weaving 
and ready to pop it off the loom. (upper right)
Popped off the loom. (lower left)
Finished square after weaving in the ends. (lower right)

Then they squares are sewn together into strips and then the strips are
sewn together using the same yarn that you used to make the squares.

  • You can use different yarns but use the same for each project.
  • Using different weight yarn will give you different results.  A light weight yarn will obviously give you a lighter afghan. 
  • For a different look you can put the yarn on the loom with one color and weave-it with another color.  

 Hope this answered any questions you might have.
Visit this website for more information about Weave-its.

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